Wild Strawberry Candle 150g

Wild Strawberry Candle 150g

Wild Strawberry scented candle

With its “basic” collection, La Fabrique des Lutins, introduces you to 5 fragrances loved by everyone: wild strawberry, fir, vanilla, salted butter caramel and lemon meringue.

Here we introduce you to the famous wild strawberry, a sweet, delicious smell that we love so much!

Artisanal scented candles and 100% Made in France

Our scented candles are handmade in our workshop with CMR-free Grasse fragrances and 100% vegetable soy wax. They are available in candle or scented wax roller format for easy and pleasant use. Here are the ingredients contained in the candle:


Precautions for safe use

Before using the scented candle, it is important to follow these precautions for safe use:

  • Never leave a candle unattended.
  • Do not let the candle burn on or near flammable objects.
  • Keep lit candles out of the reach of children and animals.
  • Always leave at least 7 cm between lit candles.
  • Do not place candles in drafts.
  • Always smother the flame, do not blow to extinguish it.

Please note, this product may cause a skin allergy.

Our Fraise des Bois 150g scented candle is an artisanal product 100% Made in France, for guaranteed quality and authenticity.