Michelle Carlslund Toddler Multi-Games, Children's Games Set

Michelle Carlslund Toddler Multi-Games, Children's Games Set

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Children's game box - Development and fun | Vilac

Play and learn while having fun

Developed by our team of creative mothers and playful fathers, this large set of games is intended for little ones to encourage their development while having fun. Grab magnetic fishing rods to catch a toucan, a tiger, a panda and all their friends, be the most skillful! Finished fishing? Then move on to a lottery game, each animal will fit into its place in the forest, the savannah, the jungle or the ice floe. An emblematic game at Vilac, you can also play touch and find: you have to try to recognize the shapes in the fabric bag just by touch! A hedgehog ? An elephant ? But no it was the fox!!! Also spend great moments with your family with the 2 other board games that complete the box: a goose game suitable for little ones and a “ladders” game: a palm tree? take this shortcut but be careful not to come across a snake's head otherwise you will go back... laughs guaranteed!

Contents of the box

  • 12 magnetic wooden animals
  • 2 magnetic wooden fishing rods
  • A fabric bag
  • 4 lotto cards
  • A double-sided board and 1 die

Illustrations by Michelle Carlslund.

Dimensions and recommended age

Dimensions: 31.5 x 31.5 x 6 cm. Recommended age: from 2 years old.