Rabbit motor skills cube, wooden children's toy

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Rabbit-shaped motor skills cube for wooden children

The Rabbit Shaped Motor Skills Cube is a multi-talented toy for children, with five playable sides including a slot-in game, a sliding maze, a gear game, a xylophone and a motor skills circuit. The highlight of this cube is the sprue which can be screwed into the side and offers a fitting and building game in one. The lock-secured lid can be removed and stored upside down in the cube to create a stable children's stool. The little artists are accompanied by cute little animals and experience exciting adventures around the farm together, which encourages curiosity and discovery. The toy measures approximately 23 x 23 x 34cm with a playing height of 20cm and is made mainly from wood, making it a durable and eco-friendly addition to the children's bedroom.

Our assets: children's toy, motor skills cube, gear game, sliding maze, xylophone, carrot, built-in game, wooden toy, farm animals.