DIY Notebooks Poetic garden, creative embroidery kit

DIY Notebooks Poetic garden, creative embroidery kit

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Creative embroidery kit for children from Djeco

Discover Djeco's Do It Yourself creative kit for children aged 8 and up! This stationery embroidery kit is ideal for introducing children to this creative activity. The pre-perforated covers make passing the needle easy and the point-to-point principle is suitable for children to create elegant work with ease. The box contains a notebook (15 x 19.5 cm), a notebook (10.5 x 15 cm), 3 colors of thread, a needle, a thread grommet and a pair of scissors. The dimensions of the box are 20 x 20 x 3.5 cm.

Offer an educational and fun gift to your children aged 8 and over with this creative embroidery kit!

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