Magnetic maze - Michelle Carlslund, wooden marble game

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Playful wooden marbles for children aged 2 and over

Small white marbles up to Mr. Cat who drinks his milk, yellow marbles with which the monkey can juggle and pink marbles to catch up with the bear who pedals at full speed so that his kite flies away. And the blue marbles? The Reds ? In the little mouse who runs away or in the fox who reads quietly by the water?

At home, all the marbles are in the right place now, a new journey can begin. But where do the monkey marbles go? Towards the banana bunch of course, passing through the crossroads, you have to turn the wheel... It's up to you to find all the connections!

A fun wooden game that facilitates the acquisition of fine motor skills in children, allows them to find their way in space and enriches their vocabulary by naming colors, animals and objects.

Complete and fun game

The wooden marble game is a complete set that includes:

  • A magnetic labyrinth
  • A magnetic stylus

Perfect dimensions for little ones

This educational toy has dimensions of 30.5 x 2.5 x 21 cm, perfect for the little hands of children aged 2 and up.

Benefits for child development

This wooden marble game provides several benefits for the development of children, such as:

  • Acquisition of fine motor skills
  • Spatial location
  • Enriching vocabulary by naming colors, animals and objects

Give your child a fun and educational toy that will stimulate their development from an early age!