Little Match - Animals and Pelages, educational game to learn about animals

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Discover the world of animals with our mini puzzles for children

Our mini puzzle game for kids is a fun and educational way to learn about animals. The 12 mini-puzzles have been designed to help little ones recognize the coats of different animals through the combination of textures and illustrations.

Made from recycled cardboard and illustrated by talented artists, these puzzles are designed to guide little ones in reconstructing images in a simple and fun way.

This game is suitable for children aged 2 and up and measures 15 x 17.6 x 6 cm.

Product Features :

  • 12 mini puzzles for children
  • Helps recognize the coat of different animals
  • Combining textures and illustrations
  • Artist illustrations in delicate colors
  • Made from recycled cardboard
  • For children aged 2 and over
  • Dimensions: 15 x 17.6 x 6 cm