My games cube, educational game for children

My games cube, educational game for children

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Plastic and recycled cardboard activity cube

The Play For Future recycled plastic and cardboard activity cube offers 4 different game boards and accessories for many educational games. Children can learn by playing with letters, numbers, animals, shapes and colors, while having fun with activities related to the environment and recycling in line with the Play For Future product philosophy.

4 different game boards

Each side of the cube is a game board and contains storage space for tiles, cards and components that can be used in different ways. In addition to classic games such as alphabet and numbers, the activity cube also offers additional activities with recycled materials.

Alphabet game

The alphabet game helps children learn the alphabet by matching pictures to their initial letters to insert into the alphabet chart.

Numbers game

The number game with the vegetable garden helps children to count by arranging the vegetables in the compartments and associating them with the labels indicating the respective quantities.

Cooperative course game

The cooperative path game teaches children to respect nature and the sorted collection of waste, inviting them to play while cleaning their environment.

The Play For Future recycled plastic and cardboard activity cube is an excellent choice for parents who want to offer their children educational games while raising awareness about the environment and the importance of recycling.

Dimensions: 33.8 x 33.8 x 33.8 cm

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