wooden balance board

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Wooden balance board for fun and effective training

Discover our wooden balance board, ideal for fun balance training! With its oval shape and its two legs to indicate the position of the feet, it offers a large surface for standing safely. Add the three wooden balls for an extra challenge and guide them through the maze to develop your body control and patience.

This rocker board not only trains balance, coordination and fine motor skills, but also the muscles of the legs, pelvis and back. Children can therefore benefit from regular training with this balance board.

With its soft blue tones and modern patterns, this item will also attract attention in your workout space. The dimensions are approximately 45 x 30 x 6 cm for the board and a diameter of approximately 2 cm for the wooden balls.

Our strengths: balance, training, coordination, fine motor skills, muscles, legs, back, child, fun, safety, balls, maze, modern design, sports accessory, rocking board.