Iceland Awakening Triangle Michelle Carlslund

Iceland Awakening Triangle Michelle Carlslund

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Wooden Awareness Triangle for Babies

Early Learning Toy with Gears, Figures and Fun Activities

Discover the wooden learning triangle for toddlers, a toy designed for children aged 1 and over. This versatile triangle can be set up like a tent or used vertically, providing learning activities at every angle. Your child will discover a world of surprises, with gears to operate, rotating heads, an owl and a fox to move, a sound cylinder simulating the sound of snow, and beads and clouds to move along strings.

The bear igloo on one side has elastic hinges so your child can retrieve the pieces he has inserted. With its many varied activities, this wooden learning triangle is a must-have for developing toddlers' motor skills and creativity.

Features :

  • Wooden activity triangle for toddlers.
  • 5 figures to fit.
  • A door to access the interior.
  • Owl and fox to move on a path.
  • Sound cylinder to simulate the sound of snow.
  • Gears to turn.
  • Chips to spin.
  • Wire path on which to move beads and clouds.

Dimensions: 23 x 37 x 21 cm

Suitable for children ages 1 and up.