wooden farm for children and its accessories

wooden farm for children and its accessories

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Wooden and plastic farm for children FSC® certified 100%

Immerse yourself in exciting country life with this 100% FSC® certified wood and plastic farmhouse. This toy from our small foot world game universe allows you to experience an unforgettable day in the company of the farmer and his animals. The set includes a shed with gate, a tractor with trailer and magnetic hay bales, as well as animals such as a horse, a cow and a small pig, and six fences for the enclosure.

With a dimension of 30 x 22 x 26 cm, this farm offers a varied and sustainable fun experience for children.

Transport the hay bales with the tractor to the threshing floor, feed the animals and return them to their stable for the night. Remember to close the gate to ensure the safety of the animals.

Buy this premium quality farm now for a perfect toy gift for your child.