Tap Tap Vehicles - game to nail

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Djeco Nailing Game - Tap Tap Vehicles

Djeco Nailing Game - Tap Tap Vehicles

A Creative and Educational Car Puzzle

How does this nail shape toy from the Djeco brand work? Nothing's easier ! The Tap Tap vehicles box comes with a pre-drilled board and separate plates, intended to fit together to reveal the image of a… vehicle. So this toy is sort of like a puzzle, except that instead of just placing the pieces on a board, your child has to “nail” or attach them to the dedicated board. It is also inspired by construction games designed to awaken children's logical minds.

This car puzzle of a different kind appeals to your boy's ability to recognize shapes and colors, but not only that. This nailing game from Djeco is also intended to develop the DIY spirit and dexterity of your little one. You will instantly fall in love with your child holding a (small) hammer and tapping – hence the name Tap Tap – on the pieces to fix them on the board.

The box contains a pre-drilled cork board, a few nails with non-piercing points – therefore safe –, a wooden hammer and pieces that fit together to form 10 different models. The toy also displays a map of the models. car that your little one can make with the parts. He is free to solve the riddle or let his imagination speak and shape his own car, a vehicle in his image, thanks to this Djeco game.

Features :

  • Age: From 4 years old.
  • Brand: Djeco
  • Material: Cork board, wooden pieces, hammer and nails

Benefits :

  • Stimulates the child's creativity
  • Original puzzle
  • 10 models to make.