Naval battle game - Vilac National Navy

Naval battle game - Vilac National Navy

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Vilac wooden naval battle game for children aged 6 and up

The French Navy and Vilac have collaborated to imagine this wooden naval battle game , perfect for little strategists aged 6 and over . This board game , a great classic in game libraries, is played by two players. Everyone must first place their fleet, made up of 5 buildings, on their board. Then, in turn, the players try to sink their opponent's. Chalks allow them to follow their actions on the vertical board in front of them. When a building is hit, small tokens allow the player concerned to materialize its damage. The winner is the one who manages to sink the other's fleet first. This strategy game , simple to understand, is conducive to short games which help with memorization and learning how two-way tables work. Enough to give birth to a passion for naval strategy in your child, who knows?

This game is delivered in a wooden box opening onto two play areas separated by a vertical wall covered with a specific covering for writing with chalk. It also includes 10 wooden boats (5 for each player), 40 wooden rods , 2 cotton bags and 2 chalks .

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Dimensions : 52 x 25 x 26 cm