Yoko, the funny robot, educational robot for children

Yoko, the funny robot, educational robot for children

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Clementoni Robot with Educational Activities and Quiz - Fun Toy for Children

This robot is a fun toy for children with lots of electronic and mechanical activities. When the child moves the lever on the head, the robot changes expression and game mode. There are 3 game modes: educational, quiz and sleep, each with dedicated content.

In educational and quiz modes, the robot will move, play melodies and sing songs to attract the child's attention. By pressing the buttons, the child can learn animal names, colors and lots of new words. By selecting quiz mode, the robot will offer simple puzzles, helping children improve their cognitive skills. In sleep mode, the robot's movements are disabled and the toy will entertain the child with songs and nursery rhymes.

Imagined, designed and developed in Italy by Clémentoni, this robot is an excellent toy for children. Its dimensions of 30 x 32 x 20 cm make it an easy toy for little hands to handle.

Keywords: robot, toy, educational, quiz, sleep, children, Clémentoni

Dimensions: 30 x 32 x 20 cm