Ze Totanimo, balance game for children

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Ze Totanimo: a balance game from the Djeco brand for children over 3 years old

Ze Totanimo is an educational game that allows children to develop their motor skills and dexterity while having fun. The Djeco brand offers an original and fun balancing game for children aged 3 and over. Children must stack the wooden animals according to the model cards provided with the game.

How to play Ze Totanimo?

The aim of the game is to reproduce the models by stacking the wooden animals. The model sheets offer three levels of difficulty so that children can progress over time. Players must therefore choose the corresponding animals and stack them in the order indicated to successfully reproduce the figure.

Contents of the box

  • 6 wooden animals
  • 20 models

The dimensions of the box are 23 x 21 x 3 cm.